A few funny stories



When you have to spend precious pocket money on a book, it’s best to know what exactly you’re buying. Short story collections let you check out a whole bunch of authors for the price of one book. So you then know which writers’ work to look for when you’re next in a book store.

Puffin’s anthology of ‘Funny Stories’ came out in 2005 and was pretty popular. I think if you have ‘Funny’ written on a cover with a zany illustration on it, more people will reach out for the book. My story in it is ‘Confessions of a Lion’. It’s of course a made up story, but some facts about the lions are the pure truth…like how lazy the males of the species are; and what useless hunters the males are, compared to the females …yes, quite a few myths about the ‘kings of the forest’ get busted here.



‘Let’s Play’ is Puffin’s collection of sports stories, edited by Harsha Bhogle. Somehow, my story in it turned out to be more in the ‘funny’ category than the ‘sports’ one. It’s called ‘Easily Distracted’.Image

Wisdom Tree brought out a fat, fat anthology of school stories in 2012 called ‘Whispers in the Classroom, Voices on the Field’. Edited by Richa Jha, it’s also super -loaded with brilliant illustrations by Priya Kuriyan. The book has everything that’s ever happened in school…sports, friendships, midnight feasts, bullying, trying to fit in, feeling left out…My story is called ‘The Flag Fiasco’ and pretty much sums up a number of my disastrous stage appearances when I was in school.




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