Discovering that Akbar hated studying



History had never been my favourite subject in school. So I was surprised by how much I enjoyed researching the Vijayanagar Empire, while writing about Tenali Raman. So when Puffin commissioned a set of historical biographies, I was quite happy to write about Akbar. I loved discovering the non textbook facts about him. We might have all admired him in school, if they’d only told us how much he bunked his lessons! I might have remembered the names of his innumerable sons, if I’d only known that they were all drunkards! So if you like the interesting parts of history, maybe you’ll like ‘Akbar, the Mighty Emperor’. The biggest surprise for me was how many interesting, intelligent and powerful women there were in Akbar’s life.

The stunning cover painting is by Harshvardhan Kadam.

Here’re a couple of links to reviews of the book:


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