The Perks of Being a Sportsperson



The best part of sports, for me, was the food! When I was in school, I was forever hungry. And during sports practice, or during track meets and tournaments, there always seemed to be a lot more good food going around. The absolute icing on the cake was the hamper that our school packed and loaded onto the bus when we headed out for inter-school matches…cutlets, rolls, fat sandwiches, flasks of hot tea…!

Then there were the rivalries with particular schools. We wouldn’t mind being beaten by School X, but hated it when School Y beat us! Or how winning a tournament had no value, if through the league matches, we never got a chance to beat arch rivals School Z ourselves.

What about all the classes that we could happily miss! The bruises, cuts and scratches that we came back to school with, proudly flashing them like badges. The stories that I still remember, and that we repeat over and over amongst us old school friends, even though its been decades since we left school.

My book, ‘No 9 on the Shade Card’ is my first novel for young adults. And it’s all about life on and off the sports field. It’s been published by Rupa’s new children’s imprint ‘Red Turtle’. And is out in stores, on Flipkart and available for download as an eBook from Kindle, etc.

It’s also about all the hurdles that one girl has to cross while chasing her dreams of becoming a champion. Strangely, none of those hurdles have anything to do with fitness levels, improving speeds, building stamina, or the high level of competition. What she has to grapple with are barriers within her own home. Her grandma’s obsession with her being dark (and hence unqualified to spend any time outdoors!), her own worries about practicing in a public ground that’s getting taken over by a gang of weirdos…the strange phase that her once-great relationship with her brother is going through… Hope you like it.

Here is a link to my post on Red Turtles’s blog. You’ll discover a bunch of other interesting books just out:


8 thoughts on “The Perks of Being a Sportsperson

  1. PV

    This book is such fun to read that you almost forget that the author is exploring some very important issues.

    The heroine defends her right to lead an active, outdoor lifestyle, training to be a athlete, while her grandmother is horrified that she is wearing shorts, getting dark in the sun, and altogether being unladylike.

    The special thing about this story is that the grandmother and granddaughter care deeply for each other, and all their arguments are conducted against a background of genuine affection.

    • That’s great to hear! And thanks for sharing that with me. Just to know…did you buy the book in a shop or was it the kindle version? Because some friends have mentioned not finding the book in shops.

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