‘A Pair of Twins’, a picture book from Karadi Tales




Sometimes you write a story and sit on it for years. I wrote this one about 7 years ago. And then because it was an odd length (Open Sesame always took stories of about 800 words, and ‘Twins’ began life at 3000 words), it sat in my D drive, undisturbed. Till a friend sent me a link (Andaleeb, are you listening?) that informed me that Karadi Tales was looking for submissions. So I sent this off and itย got accepted. I then spent months in suspense, dying to see how it would look with the pictures. I had no idea who the illustrator would be, but am I glad they picked Nayantara Surendranath! She’s done the most glorious pictures for the book, taking it to a whole new level. ‘A Pair of Twins’ will be out early in 2014. Here’s what the cover may look like:



5 thoughts on “‘A Pair of Twins’, a picture book from Karadi Tales

  1. Radhika D. Shyam

    It seems like an endearing story …… the kind that will appeal to children and the child in each of us. Waiting to read it. Kavitha Mandanna is popular for narrating unique tales in her own inimitable style ….. love it!

  2. Super massive congratulations on this one, Kavitha! From whatever I can make out from your post, this will be a book very different from what we have in the market. Looking forward to it! ๐Ÿ™‚ Loads of love, Richa

  3. I read your book to my kids. It is excellent. Apart from enjoying the story, I can fill them with lot of details. My son asked me why a girl cannot be a mahout. (I felt strange this gen’s kids don’t understand this hardships. Also, we live in US.)
    I am planning to read your book in my son’s classroom reading, based on our culture. Thank you for such a wonderful book. But, I felt this. Some introductions about Dussera could have been added in the book for international readers.

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