Goodbye, Uncle Ken


unc ken chap 4, pic 2

chap 26, unc ken pic 1Deccan Herald’s School Edition shuts down now for about two months till schools reopen in June. The last issue was on the 29th of March, and it carried the concluding chapter of Ruskin Bond’s ‘Crazy Times with Uncle Ken.’

I’ve spent a hectic few months in the company of this batty uncle of a young Bond. I’ve loved illustrating his antics. Don’t we all have one such character in our lives…someone who refuses to grow up, is generally indulged by elderly parents and who is the butt of most of the family jokes? This balding, often unemployed, perpetually hungry ‘uncle’ is some sort of Calamity Joe…managing to attract mice, monkeys, crows, bats and ‘spirits’ with regularity. I’m going to miss him terribly.

. chap 27, unc ken, pic 2 Chap 25, unc ken, pic 2 chap 20, unc ken, single pic chap 17, unc ken, pic 1 chap 12, unc ken pic 2 chap 12, unc ken pic 1 Chap 3, unc ken, pic 1 unc ken chap 4, pic 1  chap 15, unck ken, pic 2


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