From Caddie to Champion

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From Caddie to Champion

A few years back when a publisher of text books asked me for a short story on a sports hero, I picked on Chikka Muniyappa. His is the classic heart-warming tale of a poor boy whose parents were daily wage earners. He begins working as a caddie at the KGA golf course in Bangalore. Soon he discovers he’s good at the game. With help from many club members, he masters golf, becomes an amateur and then turns professional, travelling across India and even abroad. I’d forgotten about the story since the publisher hadn’t mentioned it after the first print run. Till someone spotted this in the Hindu’s sports page. Apparently, the textbook publishers’ accounts dept had lost track of the story since editorial had changed the headline and not informed them about it!

Muniyappa looks so happy to be in a text book. I’m thrilled he got to see it.

P.S. For the record, the illustrations aren’t mine.

The page is posing with

The page Muniyappa is posing with

Pity The Hindu didn't mentioned the author of the story!

Pity The Hindu didn’t mentioned the author of the story!


Another School Year Begins With Mr Bond


week 3, day 1, pic 1 (house of cols)

‘The Room of Many Colours’ is another Ruskin Bond collection of short stories. The Deccan Herald School Edition is serialising it this term. Thankfully, most of the stories are set up in the hills. So for a few hours every other day as I illustrate a story, I get to pretend I’m not in traffic-congested, buried-under-garbage Bengaluru, but breathing in the clean mountain air on some lower Himalayan slopes, in a time capsule frozen in the 1950s maybe.

Gentle, haunting stories, with the author’s crazy family members popping in for a guest appearance now and then.

Week 3, day 2, pic 1Week 3, day 3, pic 1