The Amelia Bloomer Project’s Top 10 titles


ABPTopTen2015 Last week, ‘A Pair of Twins’ made it from ‘being nominated’, to actually getting onto the ALA’s Amelia Bloomer Project List for 2015….and it gets better….the book is among the Top 10! So for 18 months, ‘twins’ Sundari and Lakshmi will be on this fabulous list of books that’s circulated amongst libraries in the US. Read more about Amelia Bloomer and this list at




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From drawing stories featuring panthers, snakes and sundry other creatures of the mountains, ‘Escape from Java, and other tales of Danger’ by Ruskin Bondlast chap of Java, pic 1

java 7, pic 2

java 6, pic 1

java 6, pic 2Sita, part 1, pic 2

required me to shift gears and come down to sea level. An aborted plane ride from Java to Bombay during WWll, ahead of the invading Japanese, leaves the hero and his father adrift in the Indian ocean. Another novella in the book has a gutsy little heroine called Sita, holding fort alone on an island in a flooded river. Even the stories that are set up in Assam, have a watery motif — the hero’s grandpa spending hours splashing away in his tub! During and after an earthquake!

sita 7, pic 1

Escape from Java, Chap 1 (grandpa's bath) pic 1 last chap of earthquake