A Ghost in the Family


What do a pair of 16-year-old twins do when the person they’re closest to, happens to be a ghost?

trapped cover

My book ‘Trapped’ is out…on Amazon, Kindle and Flipkart. It’s about twins Anandita and Arjun, struggling to keep their close relationship with their ghost sibling, Amit, hidden from their clueless, worrying parents. The book is about how they cope…with their ghost brother’s unhappiness with his situation; their upcoming board exams; their budding romances AND the arrival of another strange ghost in their home. As the three ‘siblings’ support, adore and fight with each other, music turns out to be the best antidote for most of their problems.

Here’s a review by Yash Kesavamurthy in Book Riot: http://bookriot.com/2017/03/23/indiya-young-adultcrossover-titles-from-india/

And you can read a review of the book on a UK website, For Reading Addicts, here.



2 thoughts on “A Ghost in the Family

  1. I was thrilled to be given this book to read before anyone else! It was engrossing, very moving and yes, a little chilling as well, just like a good ghost story should be! Loads of people are going to love being rattled a little by this ghost story!

    • Thanks D. At the time I sent it to you, I was having some sort of writerly cold feet…you know, thinking that I had tried pulling off something that was just beyond me…your feedback then really pepped me up

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