Veggie shopping and a trip to a mela


tomato 001

It’s been super fun working on Pratham Books’ series

of STEM books for early readers. ‘Tomato Chutney’ is

about a pair of siblings who discover some messy

truths about relative weights while doing the vegetable

shopping for their mother. Priya Kuriyan’s stunning

illustrations  will ensure every little reader remembers

this concept of ‘lighter and heavier’ for life!


tomato 002


IMG_20171122_215205I explored the idea of tables in the story ‘Maths at the Mela’ — about a bunch of smart school kids out on a field trip to a mela… accompanied by a not-so-bright teacher. Illustrator Nirzara Verulkar’s illustrations are super. She’s somehow conveyed this feeling of the kids being indulgent of a slightly slow teacher wonderfully. These pictures unfortunately are my phone shots off the laptop screen.

Both books will be out soon. It’s particularly exciting to know that they’ll be printed in five languages, including Kannada!



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